Sunday, December 12, 2010


Pearl shake, one of the favorite drinks of Filipino especially after lunch, break time and even in dinner, They buy fruits  and ingredients and of coarse the blender for their desert. but today, you can now buy a ready made shake in which you can choose your favorite flavor. We have a lot of entrepreneurs who try to make this kind of business more interesting and as the same thing to get the taste of the consumer.

Like the world wide known ZAGU PEARL SHAKE which is one of the most popular pearl shake business in the country.  It’s a Canadian made business in which reach the taste of Filipino. With is attractable flavors and design. Zagu food cart has been one of the leading retail business that still growing. In Manila you will see it normally in mall, Lrt station, and Universities.

But how much actually is the franchise of Zagu Pearl Shake?.....

 How much will be my investment?.....

 You must have a capital of Php350,000 to have a Zagu business. Is it a big amount, isn’t it? Well its obvious that you always saw it on the television, they have commercial that promote the product.  They have several marketing advertisement. And other marketing approach that make the franchise fee that much.

You see starting a business like Zagu which was already establish its system and marketing approach would cost you a lot of money. Here’s a tip! Theirs a company that offers a food cart that is much lesser capital and the same time already establish their system and other marketing approach.

Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc. one of the well establish Foodcart Company that are well competing in the food and drinks industry. Which actually offer the lowest amount of franchise that only cost Php21,888.

If you want more of these food cart franchise click this

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